Ballerina's Tale


 A Ballerina’s Tale documents Misty Copeland a ballerina who breaks ground as the first African American principal dancer in ballet. This documentary talks about the lack of women of color and on how the lack on body image diversity impacts the health of ballet dancers. The creative direction showcases Misty Copeland as the iconic and classical ballet dancer. Misty's different ballet poses are traced out in silhouettes to reflect her strength, body, and movement as a ballet dancer. The soft color palette is all a reflection of the classical ballet uniforms. This allows Misty to stand out as an iconic African American figure against this classical setting in ballet. The typographic treatment of the title 'A Ballerina's Tale' is read in a modern and experimental grid to represent this iconic figure who breaks the barriers and stereotypes of what a classical prima ballerina represents.

Role: Lead Designer

Preview trailer here.


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